Thursday, April 19, 2018

internal communication in the digital workplace

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Thinking of going Mobile First?

Are you looking to use a mobile first platform to get to those hard-to-reach staff? But confused by the range of features the different...

Yammer gets ideas flowing at Severn Trent Water

Most of us know that the answers to some of our biggest corporate conundrums lie within our frontline workforce. The challenge of course is...

Why all leaders and businesses should embrace the social age

A couple of weeks ago a package dropped on to my door mat. “How about reviewing this book?” the attached note suggested. I read...

Internal Comms and Community Management 

Internal comms has always been about getting the message out there, using whatever channels you’ve got at your disposal, to engage your colleagues with...

The Misinterpretation of “Agile” in Modern Leadership

With less hierarchy and governance, companies want to become more agile. The goal is to tear down internal borders, encourage collaboration and be one...

smileexpo2018 – May 21st

If you are in internal communications you want to be informed and expert on the latest developments in social intranets and collaborative platforms. smileexpo (social...


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