Wednesday, April 25, 2018

internal communication in the digital workplace

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Coty strengthens its culture and colleague engagement with Workplace

Six months after launching Workplace, Coty has achieved over 70% adoption and engagement. Find out how the world’s third largest beauty business has achieved...

What is IC’s role in driving employee engagement?

How leaders behave is key to the levels of employee engagement in an organisation. How can IC help create a culture that drives employee...

Employee Experience Thinking to Evolve the Digital Workplace

Some seven years ago, I wrote about a growing trend in digital workplace technologies. Dubbed heterogeneous intranets (from the Greek to mean 'diverse in...

IBM Connections: A blend of the right capabilities will deliver better...

Earlier this week I attended IBM THINK Collaboration London – an opportunity to hear more about the latest updates to their collaboration suite and more importantly...

Thinking of going Mobile First?

Are you looking to use a mobile first platform to get to those hard-to-reach staff? But confused by the range of features the different...

Yammer gets ideas flowing at Severn Trent Water

Most of us know that the answers to some of our biggest corporate conundrums lie within our frontline workforce. The challenge of course is...


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