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Book Review: Successful Employee Communications

simply went off to the Ellwood Atfield gallery for the launch of an important new book in the internal communication canon: Successful Employee Communications...

Andrew O’Shaughnessy – Man of the Poppulo

I meet all kinds of people in the internal communications game: practitioners, consultants, platform vendors, comms gurus. It is one of the perks of...

Top tips to drive early Leadership Engagement with Yammer 

According to research from SWOOP into how Yammer is used, one common trait of high performing businesses is having senior leadership active on the...

E.ON Connect with COYO

Two years ago E.ON successfully launched a social collaboration and communication platform, bringing together the tools colleagues need to do their job with the...

Smileexpo 2019: Review of the day 

smileexpo2019, held in London last week, brought together more than 170 internal communicators, digital workplace gurus and employee culture and engagement professionals to enjoy a day of workshops and discussion across...

The future of Yammer 

This year’s smileexpo19 saw Microsoft top the bill - or, more specifically, Yammer. Microsoft’s VP of Yammer, Murali Sitaram and Yammer Evangelist Steve Nguyen opened the day revealing the exciting new roadmap for...

How storytelling with purpose is like great jazz

Business is jazz, not classical music. It involves improvisation, responsiveness, solo and collective genius and a looseness between the players that enables brilliant performance from...

Employee engagement – the parent perspective 

Supporting working parents has never been so crucial, yet policies and workplaces have not kept up with social change. With the rise of cloud-based technology...


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