10 years of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Turns 10

The Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp recently celebrated its 10th birthday with a look back at some of the key moments which track the platform’s rise to global dominance.

These milestones include reaching one billion messages sent on a single day, hitting one billion monthly users and then one billion daily users, and introducing WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp, which was launched 10 years ago, was launched as a simple person-to-person messaging platform, but over the years, we saw them introduce numerous updates that made WhatsApp, the world’s most used texting app.

WhatApp’s popularity has spread grown inside the workplace too – in 2017 we reported how half of Brits were using ‘shadow comms’ at work.

The trend towards using ‘shadow communications’ such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and personal email is being driven by the entry of increasing numbers of digital natives into employment. Almost two thirds (64%) of 18-34 year olds admitted to using personal messaging services for work.

“It’s not hard to imagine how shadow communications could cause headaches for large companies, but we also see it as a missed opportunity,” said Rob Liddiard, CEO of Yapster. “If your employees are choosing to have conversations about work on their personal networks, you have no chance of joining that conversation. So organisations that embrace new ways of communicating and provide ‘safe spaces’ for this to take place can access a wealth of data and insight that can improve performance and encourage innovation.