28th Sept -1st Oct : 3 day Strategic Comms Expert training with Sue Dewhurst


The Comms Expert Series is the brand new training solution created by employee communication expert Sue Dewhurst.

We know that every internal communicator needs to be strategic – use communication as a business enabler, work collaboratively – help others see and use the power of communication and help organisations transform – smooth the path and help behaviour change happen.

That’s why we are delighted to present the former Melcrum Black Belt inventor – Sue Dewhurst – and her brand new Comms Expert Series for professional communicators. There are three courses on offer:

  • Strategic Comms Expert

  • Collaborative Comms Expert

  • Transformational Comms Expert

We are presenting in London the first of these 3 day courses:

Strategic Comms Expert

This workshop is about using communication as a business enabler. It invites you to think about the contribution you are making to your organisation. We explore communication planning as a route to connecting communication to business goals, staying focused on contributing to those goals, guiding where to place attention and effort, and evaluating results.

Strategic Comms Expert equips communicators to:

• Understand the communications landscape -how theory and good practice have moved on
• Be outcome focused – help others think through the problem they need to solve
• Set clear communication objectives
• Use the power of employee insight
• Measure when it matters
• Make the complex simple, use compelling messages
• Choose strategies and tactics that work.


Workshop length: Three consecutive days
Pre-work: Yes, approximately 30 minutes to complete
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