40% of brits are working from home weekly

work from home

New data shows that working from home is on the rise with 40% taking the opportunity at least once a week.

The research by Monster surveyed 5,500 employees in the UK also found that 1 in 10 works from home full time. 26% of those surveyed say they would not accept a job offer if it did not allow them the option of remote working.

More than half of those surveyed (59%) say they are more productive when they choose to work from home and 46% claim they actually prefer to work from home.

Respondents were asked to list what they felt the most important benefits of working from home were. 9% say they save money from the daily commute and a further 30% state that it saves them time having to commute into work each day.

Another 22% say it gives them a better work-life balance, 14% feel more productive and 11% say that it reduces stress.

Despite the benefits, almost half (47%) of employees claim their workplace does not have an official policy on working from home.

A third (33%) admit that they like to work from home but only part-time, 15% are concerned about colleagues judging them for being out of the office, and 11% worry that they are less likely to be considered for promotions.

Louise Goodman, marketing director at Monster, said: “Working from home is a growing trend in the UK, however, some businesses have been slow to adapt. For anyone who thinks they would work well outside of the office environment and would like to save a little time on the side, you are well within your rights to ask your employer for the opportunity to work from home.

“At Monster, we ran a few ‘what if’ scenarios looking into the other positive impacts that increased working from home could bring. It turns out beyond potentially improving work-life balance, we could see less crowded trains, substantial savings, and significantly reduced CO2 emissions. All very good reasons to consider a switch.”