42% of brand websites are not GDPR compliant

GDPR compliance benefits

A survey has found that out of 100 UK brand marketers, 42% of brand websites are still not GDPR compliant, with just 28% of marketers expecting their websites to be compliant by the May 25th deadline next year.

GDPR compliance

It seems that many marketers are also shifting accountability – 46% of respondents stated that they don’t believe they’re responsible for the data across all of their digital properties. Additionally, only a quarter of marketers think they hold responsibility for all channels except those managed by marketing suppliers. In reality, they are in fact accountable for all digital channels (regardless of who runs them).

Interestingly, while there are still big challenges ahead, the survey also found that marketers do see GDPR as an opportunity to better harness big data, with 75% of marketers believing it will modernise the approach to customer interaction and engagement.

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