42% of internal communicators say lack of effective digital channels is their key challenge


Since Covid-19 tightened its grasp across the world, the demand for digital tools has skyrocketed. Intranets and digital employee communication tools have quickly demonstrated their capabilities as vital tools for maintaining critical business operations.  

For internal communication teams, making sure everyone has access to the right information and tools to keep their day to day jobs on track and feel connected to their organisation has become considerably more challenging for those without established digital channels. This is confirmed by our friends at Gatehouse who have released new research on the current key priorities and concerns of internal communicators. According to their findings:  

  • 42% of internal communicators say that a lack of effective digital channels is a key challenge and  
  • 48% say they are committed to driving digital improvements   

If you ever needed something to justify investment in a social intranet, the current crisis is it.  

Have you got a future-proof intranet? 

As well as getting organised with the tools and channels for the immediate future – essentially your crisis comms platform – it’s worth starting the thinking now for what digital improvements are required as your businesses start to return to some sort of normal.  

During this week’s simply presents webinar, Shaun Slattery, Director of Change Management and Justin Pociask, Implementation Lead at LumApps stressed the value in building a future-proof intranet that can be scaled up over time without compromising its value to the organisation.  

Their use case roadmap starts hyper focused on what’s important right here right now: that is news and alerts on Covid-19, crisis related Q&A forums, information relating to working from home and keeping well.  

Gatehouses’s research also confirms communicating around employee wellbeing is the most important topic for internal communicators over the next 6-8 weeks.  

As time moves on, the technology doesn’t need to change, but the use cases can become broader as employees get comfortable with working with the platform until it becomes the central place for knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication across the business.  

Get a FREE crisis communication solution up and running in days 

LumApps have more than a quarter of a million people using their intranet platform. The fact that client challenges fall into patterns informs their template-based solution, bundling together features that solve common business problems. It’s an especially powerful proposition.    

If you are struggling currently to find a solution that streamlines your internal communications, connects your leadership to the front line and helps everyone feel part of your organisation, this is an ideal opportunity to try a social intranet. And until June 30th 2020 it’s yours for FREE. 

What exactly do you get in your FREE crisis communications solution? 

  • An enterprise communication portal that doesn’t require any pre-requisite software and is set up in a matter of days. 
  • A hyper focused tool to get you through the current Covid-19 crisis and prepares you for life when business gradually gets back to normal 
  • A fully mobile solution that can reach all your employees including frontline and deskless workers 
  • A simple way to keep your employees up to date with critical business announcements, FAQs, virtual townhalls and communities of interest 
  • Publish targeted news by business unit or country – available in six languages 
  • Connect remote employees and help maintain alignment with day-to-day operations 
  • Continue to foster your culture using social communities of interest  
  • 9 pre-built use cases, ready to use   
  • Tutorials and trainings to get started and quickly onboard people to the platform 
  • An ideal introduction to working with a social intranet 

Getting back to business as usual 

There are essentially two core functions underpinned by your new intranet. The first is all about opening lines of communication. Through your intranet you can provide visibility and reassurance to all employees, wherever they are and on any device. Two-way conversations, questions and feedback are all part of this, as well as publishing guidelines and best practice.  

In the current crisis situation, this is pretty much all you need (see the use case road map), but as time moves on your intranet can play a vital role in ensuring business continuity too, helping foster innovation, keeping employees focused and engaged and making it easy to work collaboratively. Crowdsourcing ideas, giving your employees a voice, easing the friction of getting stuff done across our organisations. 

Most believe that we won’t get back to the same ‘normal’ as before: this huge experiment in home working will fundamentally change what work looks like for many. At the moment, it is estimated that 7 in 10 are homeworking and while we do expect this to reduce, it looks as if there will be a drastically different approach to flexibility around work than we had before. And if that’s the case, familiarity with digital workplaces, social intranets – call them what you will – will be essential.  How else will we nurture cultural cohesion, build networks of interest and keep everyone up to date? 

So why not start small with a no obligation FREE dedicated crisis communication portal and see where it leads you? You may discover that it’s worth its weight in gold and you will have all the evidence you need to build your case for a full enterprise knowledge management tool!