60 per cent of Workers across Europe feel renewed energy as they prepare to return to work


EdTech company Life Based Value has revealed research of over 1,500 employees from European companies such EY and KIA, revealing insight into their feelings on the return to work. 

According to their findings, while 60% of employees are ready to restart work, 83% are expecting an element of change on their return.

The research also highlights the need for a more empathetic leadership style with 69% of employees also expecting their employer to make space for people’s thoughts and feelings to facilitate their return to the office. 

With workers expecting change from their workplace and feeling they have acquired news skills, Life Based Value have announced the launch of ‘Crisis’, a brand new digital training programme available for British businesses that harness unique skills and personal development learned during the current lockdown for the world of work, including self-determination, emotional awareness, and effective communication. 

Available for entire companies, participants are guided through cognitive stimulation and reflections across a 9-step online journey, starting with individual exercises before joining up with their colleagues to form a collective narrative of the situation. It takes the form of 9 weekly modules, each lasting around 30 minutes, to be completed over a 3 month period.

Crisis was developed with insight from a large research team, including Pier Giovanni Bresciani, a lecturer at the University of Urbino, Italy, who also represents the Italian Government in the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training.

Riccarda Zezza

Riccarda Zezza, Founder of Life Based Value commented:

“As we prepare for a future return to work, companies must tune into the new needs of their employees. We’re absolutely delighted to help increase their capacity to innovate and, in general, they can count on a workforce that’s stronger, more motivated and more aware with Crisis. Our program, which we have worked tirelessly on, accompanies people as they manage change. At a personal level, they feel heard and involved in the process of redefining their company’s culture – reducing stress and unleashing their creative potential.”

Life Based Value offers a selection of digital training programs to workplaces based on the underappreciated value of key life transitions and the skills they develop in employees, and to-date has been chosen by over 14,000 people and 75 international organisations. Pricing is tailored to each company specific needs, with an average price per user of £40.