71% of employees said the future workplace should be fully automated

Digital Workplace Report

A new study by HPE and Aruba looks into the Digital Workplace revealing the future of work and workplace technology.

Workplace technology is no longer simply a plug-in enablement tool to help people do their work; it is a defining set of adaptive and interactive experiences that help shape the identity of a company’s culture.

Companies need to embrace this new reality, not just because it is what their current and future employees want, but because there are clear advantages in doing so. Our research has demonstrated the wellbeing and job satisfaction dividend of a more digital workplace, beyond the more obvious benefits of efficiency and productivity. As employers battle to recruit and retain the best talent, technology will increasingly become a core area of competitive advantage.

At the same time, companies must not lose sight of the security threats inherent in being a more connected organisation. The relatively lax attitude of employees towards cyber security exposed by this research presents one of the most pressing challenges. It suggests that people will not always act in accordance with their level of knowledge about cyber threats, and that more advanced behavioural security tools may be required.

The goal for every organization must be to maximize productivity without compromising security in any way. This requires inter-group cooperation throughout IT, and greater focus on end-user experiences as well as system capabilities.

The report conclusions point to the need for companies to empower their leaders with the budget and authority to invest in new technologies, develop cyber awareness and best practices, and provide employees with the workplace and tools that they increasingly demand.

The companies that thrive as digital workplaces will be those that start to see technology less as a series of tools and more as fundamental ambient infrastructure. And to do that, they have to start seeing the role and purpose of their IT departments in a new light too.

Read the full findings of the report here.