A new app that connects the Indian police force

Cop Connect
Cop Connect

The Cop Connect app has been developed to improve internal communications and connect India’s police force.

Cop Connect will help in connecting 60,000 plus police force, spanning over 31 districts across the state. It claims to be similar in function Whatsapp and was launched by Director General of Police M Mahendar Reddy earlier this week. The app is a secure communication channel, with no limit on the number of members in any individual group (unlike the regular WhatsApp which has a restriction of 256 numbers) and has all the features of WhatsApp. Police have developed this app keeping in view the safety of their information besides having hassle-free communication.

Some of the features of the Cop Connect app include chat, group chats, file sharing (image, audio, video and documents) and location sharing. A unique feature, iMeeting, allows users to create and schedule department meetings more easily.

Organisation meetings, chatting, group chats, file sharing(image, Audio, Video and documents) and location sharing. COP Connect’s has end-to-end encryption with the server being with Police Department and it ensures absolute security and confidentiality of internal police communication,” DGP said.

Read more via Times of India.