A new chatbot that answers employees HR questions

HR Chatbot

A new chatbot has been created that answers simple HR queries from employees such as “How much annual leave do I have left?” Questions that usually involve emailing or calling HR and waiting for an answer, or it could even involve crossing multiple systems to get the answers.

Leena AI has built a chatbot that can be integrated into Slack and Workplace by Facebook that offers a simplified, automated solution. The founders of the bot claim that 80 percent of the questions cover similar topics, like holiday, sick time and expense reporting.

Adit Jain, co-founder at Leena AI says the company has its roots in another startup called Chatteron, which the founders started after they got out of college in India in 2015. That product helped people build their own chatbots. Jain says along the way, they discovered while doing their market research a particularly strong need in HR. They started Leena AI last year to address that specific requirement.

Jain says when building bots, the team learned through its experience with Chatteron that it’s better to concentrate on a single subject because the underlying machine learning model gets better the more it’s used. “Once you create a bot, for it to really add value and be [extremely] accurate, and for it to really go deep, it takes a lot of time and effort and that can only happen through verticalization,” Jain explained.