Appsecco and CIPR produce remote working guide


For the last 3 weeks, millions of people in the UK have been working from home due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. For some, this has been an easy transition where as for others, nothing beats being in an office environment away from home comforts and possible distractions.

Perhaps the most unexpected focus of remote working is cyber security. Appsecco, who specialise in providing security solutions to organisations, have partnered with CIPR and created a short guide on staying safe on the web while working from home for yourself and your organisation.

Gwilym Lewis, co-founder of Appsecco gave us further advice, he said:

‘Before CoVid-19 hit cyber security, best practice said don’t install unapproved software, don’t store or share data through third party services and definitely don’t use stuff that IT hasn’t said is ‘ok’.

‘This advice is still as true as it ever was, but lots of people will have had to choose to ignore it to keep their teams and organisations functioning; creating lots of Shadow IT’.

‘If you aren’t already, start planning now for how you clean up your Shadow IT for when things start to get back to normal. If you don’t there’s a real risk that the confidential data and communications in it will be forgotten about, until some random service you once used is attacked and its contents made public.’

You can view the guide here: Appsecco-CIPR-Remote-Working-Security-Guide