Atlassian launches project tracking tool


Australian enterprise software company Atlassian has today announced an update to the project tracking tool in its Jira software.

Atlassian previewed the next generation of its hosted Jira Software project tracking tool earlier this year. Today, it’s available to all Jira users. To build the new Jira, Atlassian redesigned both the back-end stack and rethought the user experience from the ground up.

The core tenet of the redesign is that software development in 2018 is very different from the way developers worked in 2002, when Jira first launched. Atlassian’s acquisition of Trello also helped guide the overall design of the new Jira.

“One of the key things that guided our strategy is really bringing the simplicity of Trello and the power of Jira together,” Sean Regan, Atlassian’s head of growth for Software Teams, told TechCrunch “One of the reasons for that is that modern software development teams aren’t just developers down the hall taking requirements. In the best companies, they’re embedded with the business, where you have analysts, marketing, designers, product developers, product managers — all working together as a squad or a triad. So JIRA, it has to be simple enough for those teams to function but it has to be powerful enough to run a complex software development process.”

Here are 5 key highlights from the new update:

  • Build-your-own-boards: Customize your own workflow, issue types, and fields for the board you want and need. All without needing an administrator’s help or putting another project’s customizations at risk.
  • Redesigned issues: The Jira issue functions as the core unit of work in the software industry, connecting work across tools and teams of all kinds. In the brand new issue design, it’s now easier to understand what’s most important and how to take action that will move work forward.
  • All the Agile, with more agility: Next-gen projects let you design the way your team wants to work. Teams can begin with a lightweight approach and then progressively add more features like backlogs, estimations, sprints, and more. All in a single click.
  • Out-of-the-box filters: Generate a custom view of your next-gen board in seconds, with out-of-the-box filters by issue owner, epic, label, and more. No JQL required (although it’s still under the hood if and when you need it).
  • Jira anywhere: With Jira Cloud mobile, you’ll never be out of the loop on important projects and you’ll never be a blocker on any issue again. No more pulling out your laptop on the bus ride home. With Jira mobile you can:
    – Create, read, update, and delete issues and columns
    – Groom your backlog and start and complete sprints
    – Respond to comments and tag relevant stakeholders