BBC introduce intranet tool allowing employees to compare salaries


BBC staff can see what employees in the same job are paid by using a new tool on the Beeb’s intranet called ‘People View’.

The tool allows workers to see how their salary compares with others who have the same job title. The move comes after a shake-up reduced confusing job titles from 5,000 to 600 and scrapped bonuses for hundreds.

But the public spending watchdog revealed that women are still paid 7.6% less than men, and the gender pay gap is unlikely to be closed by the target date of 2020.

Sir Amyas Morse, head of the National Audit Office, said: “The BBC has made some extensive reforms to its staff pay-bill and is now well ahead of other organisations with regards to pay transparency and the gender pay gap.”

The NAO report found that despite the reforms, the BBC still employs a massive 21,583 staff while a further 60,000 freelance actors and stars also work for it.

Its total wage bill is a staggering £1billion a year.

Because of anger over wildly differing pay rates, the BBC now lets staff see if they are paid more or less than others with the same job.

The NAO said: “Internally, the BBC has introduced ‘People View’ on its intranet.

“This allows staff to see, when there are at least 20 individuals with the same job title, where they sit on the pay range for their job, compared with the lower quarter, middle half, and upper quarter of their job range.

“While this data is only visible to each individual and their team leader, the BBC has also published all job titles and the associated job description and job pay ranges, and all pay bands, on its intranet which all employees can access.”

The BBC will soon also include data on the gender split on the People View app – so female staff can see if they are paid less than male colleagues.