Benchmarking & Measurement In The Real World – 15th October 2019

Benchmarking & Measurement In The Real World

In association with measurement specialists Swoop Analytics, we will move the whole benchmarking/measurement story to the next level and discuss examples where the dial has moved on critical business indicators.

What does ‘good’ look like in the digital workplace and how to get there

Communication and collaboration initiatives are exploding with the implementation of digital workplace projects. Promises of near astronomical returns on investments of anywhere from 300% to 800% are being suggested by reputable organisations like Forrester Research. However, to reap those returns you need to get the execution right and that starts with finding what ‘good’, and indeed even ‘great’ looks like, and executing a solid plan of getting there.

Attend this interactive and hand-on session and walk away with a strong understanding of what ‘good’ really looks like if you’re implementing enterprise social networks like Workplace or Yammer, and team collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack and learn effective tactics and behaviours to drastically increase engagement:

  1. Based on SWOOP Analytics’ global benchmarking of interactions on Microsoft Yammer and Workplace by Facebook, and IntraTeam’s benchmark of intranets and digital workplaces, you’ll learn to establish a measurement baseline of what ‘good’ looks like at the enterprise, team/group and at the individual level.
  2. Understand how some well-known companies have made them work as crucial business tools
  3. Using the ‘Designing Collaboration’ framework you’ll design small impactful initiatives which you can then scale to derive maximum ROI in your own organisation
  4. Learn what metrics are game-changers in collaboration and set up your own measurement framework for success

    Your facilitators are:
    Andrew Pope, co-founder of Innosis, and a collaboration expert as well as co-author of Designing Collaboration and Cai Kjaer, co-founder and CEO of SWOOP Analytics, a global thought leader in collaboration analytics.

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This course is accredited by CIPR and delegates can claim 10 CPD points towards their qualification for attending.