Best of ‘Frenemies’: how to build an intranet that IC and IT will love

In our new free smileguide we take a look at the importance of the relationship between IC and IT and the impact it can have on building a successful intranet - one that everyone will love.

smileguide 18: How to Build an Inranet IC and IT will love

The word intranet conjures up a mix of emotions for most people; good and bad…ok, mostly bad!  But intranets play a fundamental role in the modern digital workplace in bringing together what’s become a tangled web of disconnected systems.

In a cloud based world there are more opportunities than ever to reshape the traditional intranet into a single, easy-to-use employee platform; one that employees will be sure to engage with.  But in order to achieve this, it is vital that IC and IT colleagues work together. Sometimes that is easier said than done.

Certainly the consumerisation of technology has changed the workplace landscape. Technologies such as social, mobile and cloud place new demands on an IT function and present enormous opportunities for IC.  Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD) and the rapid pace of new apps to market add to the challenge, so just how can you ensure that you build an intranet that both IC and IT will love?

In our latest smileguide, which is sponsored by Fresh, we look at the relationship between Internal Communications (IC) and IT. For some, it is a match made in hell; for others it is a burgeoning love affair spiced up by the prevalence of cloud software and easy access to apps that do everything. For few is it a natural match made in heaven. With expert insight, together with case study examples, this guide is packed with helpful advice and practical suggestions on how to bridge the gap between two functions whose priorities are so often seen to be poles apart.

Join us at a free webinar on Friday 23rd June at 12.00 noon (UK time) when we will be talking to David Bowman from Fresh to find out just how to get along with your IT colleagues in order to ensure you get the intranet you deserve and one your employees will love. Sign up and receive your free smileguide here.