Better, Bigger Storytelling- the Key to Aligned Engagement, 11th July 2019

Storytelling workshop

Storytelling is the new black. Everyone wants more, but there’s a danger it simply adds to the noise. Internal social media are powerful enablers, but if there’s no framework they can simply turn up the volume.

This workshop will show you how to develop a strategic narrative that encourages your colleagues to feel free to tell more stories, but do so in a way that aligns with the organisation’s vision and focus. It will look at how to structure both individual stories and the broader narrative framework.

Since there should be one story for everyone, this works particularly well to help frame leadership communications both internally and to the wider marketplace.

Stuart Maister started life as a national TV and radio reporter for the BBC, ITN and Sky before running three communications businesses. In this workshop we’ll be developing our storytelling using a very journalistic approach.

Workshop aims

Come with one big programme, initiative or a broad organisational strategy and work on it with peers to:

  • Consider the importance of storytelling as a way of creating the new reality
  • Learn a framework for writing a strategic narrative
  • Draft a version for your organisation or programme, and test it with peers
  • Consider how best to activate this using the range of communications channels
  • Discuss and develop your own storytelling skills and those of your leadership

What we’ll cover

  • Why a clear story is the foundation for all action
  • The news pyramid – how to structure storytelling
  • Business as jazz: writing the tune that enables your people to riff freely
  • Answering the four key questions that define and articulate the strategic narrative
  • The narrative themes that underpin storytelling
  • Landing the story: using all the channels
  • Being clear and consistent: better leadership storytelling


You will leave with a clearer sense of why and how you want to develop storytelling and the broader strategic narrative in your organisation. You will have at least one great new idea that you can use in doing so. You will have had a chance to think about your own story and those of your leadership.

Who should come?

Those leading communications and individual programmes. Anyone leading or involved in the communication of change. If you are working with your organisation’s leaders to ensure they communicate more effectively, this framework will help them be more focused in their storytelling. You can get a flavour of what will be covered in the video on this page.

About Stuart Maister

Stuart is a former national TV and radio reporter who has worked with the world’s largest organisations on their storytelling. He has led three award-winning businesses, pioneering new methods in the use of online video and broadcast PR. He is now Chief Storyteller of Strategic Narrative, helping organisations develop their storytelling to be more clear, aligned and demonstrate leadership internally and to their marketplace.

To register:

Contact Marc Wright if you need the member code.

All attendees are invited to our simply summer BBQ after the workshop, just a short walk over the river at The Bridge pub garden. RSVP here.

This course is accredited by CIPR and delegates can claim 10 CPD points towards their qualification for attending.