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What is a Bionic Business?

Quite simply, a Bionic Business is one that balances digital and physical workspaces and encounters in such a way that it enjoys highly positive employee engagement alongside strong, sustained business performance.

No longer can we be solely driven by technology, similarly, no longer is it sufficient for people to work ignoring the new technologies that can help them connect, communicate and collaborate.

A new


Now that millions of previously office-based workers are operating from home, the roles of the internal communication, HR and IT communities have never been more important and their acceleration to business critical status as the eyes, ears and central nervous system of the business has been unprecedented.

When people finally return to the office (at least part-time), it will be those businesses who best combine technological with human engagement that will be the gold standard.


Your route to a Bionic future

Working closely with four leading experts, research carried out by simplycommunicate uncovered what we now call ‘the 5 E’s of a Bionic Business’. Use these to identify the areas which need attention in order to help you succeed.

The Bionic Business methodology is designed to assess and diagnose an organisation’s ability to succeed in the next era of communication and engagement.

About the report...


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Understanding the elements

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Why does this matter?

45% don’t feel personally involved in the success of the business

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Organisation and workplace of the future

Shift in employee engagement scores

The shift in engagement scores

Planning to stay or leave their role

Understanding the elements

The digital maturity curve…

With nearly half of businesses still working through the short and long-term implications for their business, it remains clear that post-covid, home working in full or in part, will be much more prevalent than it was before. This has serious implications for technology, communication, leadership and, in due course, for the future roles of the office and for middle management.

Our digital maturity curve maps the immediate future.

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