Communicating the roll-out of O365 on March 22


Welcome to our brand new smilelab on taking a business-first approach to Office 365

The ​challenge with Office 365 ​is ​to ​ensure ​that ​the ​rollout ​leads ​to ​meaningful ​adoption ​and ​​sustained use, with clear business benefits. Too ​often, ​a technology-driven ​rollout of​ ​Office ​365 fails, not engaging with staff needs or hitting strategic priorities.

To get success, ​organisations ​should ​take ​a ​business-first ​approach ​to ​Office ​365, ​working ​out ​the ​‘why’ ​and ​the ​‘how’ ​before ​getting ​stuck ​into ​the ​what. ​This ​brings ​the ​the ​whole ​organisation ​on ​the ​journey ​from ​the ​C-Suite ​down ​to ​frontline staff.

In ​this full-day ​session ​you ​will ​explore ​Step ​Two’s ​new ​methodology ​for ​taking ​a ​business-first ​approach ​to ​Office ​365. This will be lead by James Robertson, one of the global thought-leaders on intranets and digital workplaces.

You will have a great opportunity to network with your peers, who are tackling the same challenges. Interactive activities will also be run throughout the day that will allow you to explore your current situation, and how best you can make progress when you return to the office.

What ​you will learn

  • Overall ​approach ​to ​the ​successful ​rollout ​of ​Office ​365

  • Key ​activities ​to ​conduct, ​from ​understanding ​the ​business ​context ​through ​to ​establishing ​governance

  • Rolling ​out ​Office ​365 ​in ​business ​or ​technology ​‘waves’

  • Examples ​and ​screenshots ​from ​other ​organisations

  • Hands-on ​activities ​that ​will ​provide ​you ​with ​a ​takeaway ​worksheet ​to ​kick-start ​your ​internal ​planning

Note: ​this ​is ​not ​a ​session ​for ​techies, ​and ​we ​won’t ​get ​caught ​up ​in ​the ​many ​small ​details ​of ​how ​Office ​365 ​works. ​Instead, ​this ​will ​be ​a ​business-lead ​discussion ​that ​will ​help ​all ​parties ​to ​plan, ​and ​to ​work ​better ​together ​as ​Office ​365 ​makes ​its ​mark.

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About your workshop leader

James Robertson is the Founder and Managing Director of Step Two and one of the global experts on intranets and digital workplaces. James has keynoted conferences around the globe, and is the author of “Essential intranets: inspiring sites that deliver value”, and “Designing intranets: creating sites that work”. James is travelling to London from Sydney to lead this workshop.