Creating a recognition culture at HelloFresh

HelloFresh is the world's leading meal-kit delivery service. It aims to provide every household with wholesome home-cooked meals, without the struggle of planning or shopping.

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Founded in Berlin in 2011, the start up HelloFresh has grown significantly, developing the business in nine countries and across three continents. Due to such rapid growth, HelloFresh knew it was important to keep their down-to-earth spirit, as well as to create a recognition culture.
Alison Boothby found out more about how Workplace by Facebook was making a difference to this bright young business.

“It can be a real challenge to get team and individual recognition on a large organisational and multicultural scale” Julian Lürken, Head of Human Resources, told us. “First things first, across all departments, everyone needed a better employee directory but we needed a tool compliant with data privacy and used by large German companies.”  Workplace ticked that box. But what else persuaded them to choose Workplace? Julian Lürken again: “That Facebook was so familiar was certainly a factor in our decision as it guaranteed a high adoption rate from the start, but its rich functionality and ease of use have proved it to be the right decision for us.”

How Workplace helps

Workplace is used worldwide in their offices and fulfilment centres and its familiar features make it easy to use for a variety of communication purposes such as:

  • Staff post announcements in company-wide groups to share relevant content and insights.
  • Dedicated groups offer tailored content such as “In the News” for PR purposes or “Employee Feedback”.
  • Events are created in Workplace and the entire company is invited, avoiding the need to use emails.
  • “Town hall” meetings are broadcast live to 2,000 people in all locations.
  • New hire on-boarding is done through Workplace, where staff welcome new recruits by sharing pictures & documents from their first day.
  • Live broadcasts are used to offer training from the HelloFresh Academy
  • Major project milestones are frequently shared company-wide to build up pride and recognition for the teams involved.
  • Individuals can express appreciation by leaving comments, likes and reactions.

The roll out of Workplace was fully supported by the top management of the company who are active users of it. Julian explained: “We all love the fact that the platform is visually appealing, has rich functionality and makes it easy to interact and share updates. It makes communication across the company more democratic for sure.”

And employee initiatives are flourishing. As an example, the production team shared a video of them preparing a box to the rest of the company. People in Berlin instantly could see how the boxes are made. “For a fast-growing company, this kind of human story helps bring people closer, become more engaged and enriches their work.”

When asked what had been the most difficult aspect of working with Workplace, Julian was open about the lessons learned: “In the beginning we allowed everyone to create groups independently. That led to a lot of groups being established that weren’t used and did not always adhere to naming conventions, which made it difficult to differentiate the relevant from the irrelevant. We then moved to a more moderated approach, where the systems admins created groups and added users. Since then it has been much more straightforward. It is a reminder to get the governance right at the start.”


87% of Hello Fresh’s employees are now using Workplace – that’s 2,000 people on the platform! It’s fair to say that their engagement and adoption is good with around 324 active groups. But the main achievement of Workplace has been to help transform HelloFresh’s culture into one that celebrates success around the world. As a final word of advice from Julian Lürken, he added: “Give it a try. It’s a great tool and beats any other intranet by miles!”

Julian Lürken
Julian Lürken Head of Human Resources

“The main achievement of Workplace was to help transform the HelloFresh culture to better celebrate success”