Data on 540 million Facebook users exposed

FB security

Detailed information about more than 540 million users of Facebook was left publicly viewable for months. The security firm UpGuard found the massive cache of data on unsecured Amazon servers used by a Mexican social media firm named Cultura Colectiva.

The information came from visitors to Cultura Colectiva’s Facebook pages and included account names, ID numbers, comments and reactions. Facebook said the data had now been removed from the servers. No private data such as emails or passwords were stored.

“We are aware of the potential uses of data in current times, so we have reinforced our security measures to protect the data and privacy of our Facebook fan pages’ users,” Facebook told Reuters.

Facebook said that Amazon helped it remove the data once UpGuard flagged that it was available. Also removed was a smaller database of more than 22,000 people amassed by a separate firm that listed names, passwords and email addresses.

The social network said its policies prohibited Facebook data being stored in publicly-accessible databases.


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