Six ways to drive digital transformation


Driving digital transformation is essential for virtually every enterprise across every industry. Large enterprises and small businesses alike are digitising their internal and customer-facing processes and services to increase efficiency, scale their businesses, and collect meaningful data. Yet, while many companies have launched digital services to collect data, we haven’t fully tapped into the potential of data analytics—even though studies suggest that digital will be a top differentiator in years to come.

Digital Transformation Statistics Infographic


These six tips and infographics by AppDynamics aim to help you get a handle on digital transformation.

1. Make data and analytics a top company priority

2. Design digital transformation around business goals

3. Take an enterprise-wide approach

4. Expand the role of IT

5. Transform talent acquisition

6. Prioritise employee-friendly processes

Six ways to drive digital transformation infographic



The growing interest and adoption of digital transformation by the business world has created new opportunities for leadership to evolve their roles within their organisations. This gives companies more access to tech leaders who can steer their business toward higher levels of productivity and efficiency, which can increase revenue and decrease costs.


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