DRPG launch home learning programme for parents


Our partners and friends at DRPG have repurposed a school educational programme that was created earlier this year, exclusively to parents who are homeschooling their children during the pandemic.

In January, DRPG created SPARKS, a programme to encourage 11-16 year old students to get involved in the creative industries by offering free learning materials made up of videos, presentations, worksheets and lesson plans. Local schools have already been using SPARKS and now, with lots of parents stepping into their children’s teacher’s shoes during the lockdown, the programme has been repurposed to support them with their child’s learning. Full lesson videos have been created where you can pause at times of need in order to complete tasks and extension tasks available. Parents will also be provided with lesson plans.

DRPG creative director, Tommy Moore, who was at the forefront of the initiative, further explained the aims of the programme, he said; We crafted SPARKS to help pupils realise that their school skills can open the door to amazing careers in industries they love – such as music festivals, vlogging, branding or app building. Our job in the programme is to deliver that lightbulb moment where pupils realise their own unlimited potential. Having worked with pupils with behaviour difficulties and those falling through the gaps in education, I know that SPARKS offers the chance to recapture those pupil’s attention and help theming their own creative spark. Now it can be used as a great resource for parents at home to help inspire their children in these strange times’.

The lesson plans are based around the creative work that DRPG do and weave in subjects such as English, business studies and design to release student’s full creative potential.

For access to the SPARKS programme, click here.