The digital divide between leadership and employees

The hurdles to digital transformation - company culture is number one

A report by CapGemini looks into how company culture can be a roadblock or a catalyst for digital transformation.

The Digital Culture Challenge: Closing the Employee Leadership Gap report revealed that there are many barriers when it comes to becoming a more digital organisation. Employees and leaders have very different view points.

The research surveyed 1,700 people, including senior executives, managers and employees, in 340 organisations across eight countries and five sectors.

Leadership and employees disagree on the existence of digital culture in their organisationsThe results found a consistent lack of congruence between employees and leadership in all of the seven dimensions of digital culture.

The survey looked into the barriers to digital transformation – over half of employees asked (67 per cent) thought that company culture was the number one hurdle.

Digital technologies can bring significant new value, but organisations will only unlock that potential if they have the right digital culture ingrained and in place.

Currently, that is not happening. Employees are being sidelined and disenfranchised in the culture change journey, and the gap between leadership and employee perceptions is stark.

The report revealed lots of interesting results and is well worth a read.