Post-Covid: Tools to help you re-engage your teams

Post-covid: how to re-engage your teams

In June 2020, we invited guest presenters Emma Bridger and Belinda Gannaway to take us through their engagement reset workshop.


Lisa Pantelli, head of content & community

Lisa is simply’s head of content and community. She is an award-winning employee engagement and internal communications specialist.

COVID-19 has forced a sudden shift in the way we work. There were an estimated 4.5 billion people worldwide whose movement is restricted by some kind of lockdown.

It’s not just the economy that has been in free-fall. Once the immediate emergency passes, there are longer-term challenges which we need to rise to. Data from Harris Interactive in May 2020 suggest we have our work cut out:

  • 39% of employees say they feel less productive than before the pandemic
  • 37% say their mental health has declined
  • 38% report increased feelings of loneliness
  • 29% feel a lower sense of community
  • 20% say they are not OK spending time alone for work

As we move from lockdown to the new normal, the way organisations plan, prepare, and respond will make all the difference to their engagement and subsequent performance.

To meet the demands of the “4th Wave” organisations need to support employee engagement and wellbeing through the following phases:

  • React
  • Adapt
  • Renew

There has never been a more critical time for organisations to adapt and renew their approach to employee engagement and communications. If you haven’t already, now is the time to rethink your employee engagement strategy and approach.

During this Employee Engagement Reset workshop, Belinda and Emma shared with attendees the practical tools, insight, and inspiration to do it.

Now is the time to adopt a more transformational approach – an approach that is both agile and human-centered. An approach that will help you navigate the challenges of today and the coming months as we shift from adapt to renew.

Watch the replay of the session here.

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