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With over a million organisations now using M365 globally, its undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and holistic organisational and productivity tools in the market. In many cases over the last 12 months its roll-out has been accelerated significantly.

But, with the breadth of what the platform offers, and new developments and innovations being released for each of the apps, it can be a minefield getting to grips what works best for each organisation.

Over the course of a week, simplycommunicate will host a series of masterclasses and best-practice training courses into each platform across the M365 suite.

We will give internal communicators, IT professionals and digital workplace specialists access to:

– The core functionality of each platform – how it works, who is for and when it works best

– User case studies to see each app in situ – how other organisations are using it

– Best practice recommendations and tips to effectively roll-out M365, or encourage adoption

– Access to M365 experts for a Q&A session

Full details and prices coming soon.