Facebook announces first major redesign for Workplace

workplace by facebook redesign

At its recent F8 Conference, Facebook unveiled its first major redesign – the first significant update to the desktop apps since 2014 – but along with its main platform and standalone mobile apps, Workplace will also be getting a renovation.

With an increased focus on features like Groups, Chats and Notifications, the update brings the three functionalities closer together and introduces more of Facebook’s algorithm to the enterprise platform. Providing users with more tailored suggestions for content, people and groups to follow and engage with on the platform.

The update follows the social network’s announcement back in February that Workplace now has over two million paying users; along with millions more users the free and Workplace for Good versions of the app.

As part of the announcement at the conference, the Workplace team presented a first look at the new desktop version of the platform; which aims to put a greater focus on the user’s desktop experience by simplifying the platform. The new design brings Groups and contacts for Chats, two of the platform’s key features, to the forefront of the social network’s user interface.

In addition to the functionality redesigns, Notifications is also getting its own inbox that will essentially expand the list of actions that have happened which are most relevant to the user. They will then be able to click on each one and jump to a view of that relevant piece of content, separate from being in the main default page.

According to Karandeep Anand, the head of Workplace, Facebook is “making usage significantly tighter and coupled between posts and Groups. The idea is to bring messaging into the same room as wider conversations.”

On top of the design and user interface changes, Workplace will also be getting a bigger international focus. The app is now available in 46 languages, and Facebook will be offering more auto-translation options to its users to leverage that.

The global rollout of the new update is yet to be announced but selected Workplace Premium admins currently have access to the beta version of the updated platform.