Facebook introduces new Work Groups to help co-workers connect


Facebook recently launched a new Groups option, called Work Groups, which it says is aimed at helping people better connect with their co-workers on the platform.

The new option – which is now available on desktop, iOS and Android versions of Facebook and Messenger – allows Facebook users to create specific Groups only for work colleagues and send them messages, without needing to be Facebook Friends. Members of these new Groups will only be able to see work-related info (such as job title, company and location) when a they view another person’s profile in the Group.

To help avoid spam, the new Groups feature also comes with an opt-out for messages, which users can activate at any time via the Group settings menu; meaning that users are still able to limit the amount of communication they can receive.

While this new option may seem like a minor change, for those organisations who still rely on external platforms – such as Facebook – to connect and communicate with employees, the move means a far greater level of privacy for employees who might not wish to share their personal lives with their colleagues.

Connecting with co-workers and exposing private content to the workplace has been a large concern among Facebook users for some time now and, as a result, has led to the subsequent behavioural change of users sharing content in private messaging (or Dark Social) rather than posting content onto public feeds.

The move towards Groups, especially private or closed Groups which allow users to limit the content they share, is a natural progression of this behaviour – and one which Facebook has been increasingly working to facilitate.

Commenting on the news, Facebook said that it “will continue to gradually make this experience available to more Facebook Groups in the coming months.”