The future of branded and corporate film production

branded film future

An annual survey of the UK’s corporate and branded film production companies by Televisual gives a mixed outlook based on industry data.

The report highlighted four key trends affecting the branded film industry:

Profits are up but headcounts are down

Average profits grew 16% but mostly through reducing staff amounts. Producers sacrificed revenue growth for profits by reducing headcount, staying agile in the face of uncertainty over investment in moving image by clients.

Budgets on the rise

44% report higher budgets whilst 37% said they were the same as last year. Where budgets were available, they either rose or stayed the same. This is positive as the long-term trend for reported project budgets is flat.

Exports stagnate

Exports are flat despite a drop in the value of the pound. 74% of work undertaken is for UK clients. There’s no sign of a post-Brexit referendum export boom as producers deliver three-quarters of their work to commissioners in the UK.

Less film work

69% of all work is moving image content. Moving image work continues its slow decline as a proportion of work. It’s now 69%, down 10% in six years. This reflects a trend for brands to invest in a wider range of activities, many of which did not exist a few years ago. Producers are picking up some of that extra work.

“So it’s a pretty balanced picture, perhaps less dramatically disrupted this year than, for example, the ad agency world. No doubt that’s because brand film producers have grown accustomed to rapid change, especially since the 2008 economic crisis knocked budgets for six. Things never got back to ‘normal’, and every player needs to keep evolving rapidly.”