Gartner Highlights Increased Organisational Focus on Digital Workplace


The Coronavirus outbreak has disrupted operations, at all levels, on an unprecedented basis.

Undoubtedly as millions of workers globally work from home, the demand for digital tools has ‘skyrocketed’. The webinar, ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak: long and short-term actions for CIOs’, highlights just how vital enterprise software has become.

In the recording, Roberta Witty, discusses how important it is for CIOs’ to respond quickly to the disruptions caused by the pandemic and recognises the significant role enterprise software plays. Gartner concludes that we’ll see three trends arise as a result of this global crisis:

1. Remote working will be a prevalent way of working

2. Organisations across all industries will increasingly rely on digital platforms/ channels to increase future resilience and growth

3. Data and analytics will become essential in assisting faster and better decision making

The firm calls for employers to work closely with their HR and communications teams and look to review employees’ access to digital workplaces. Emphasis needs to be placed on reviewing existing security, policies and training to their teams. You can listen to the webinar in full here.

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