Generic Comms Toolkit for you to download


Comms Toolkit for Managers

We have created a generic Comms Toolkit which our simplynetwork members can download and adapt for their own training manual. Aimed at Managers it covers 4 key areas of employee communication.


The contents are:

Section 1: Better messaging

Choosing the right communications channel

Six rules to better writing

Giving messages that could cause concern

Handling difficult questions

The strategy ladder

Write better emails

Section 2: Effective face-to-face

Choosing your venue

Writing your speech

Five top tips for presenters

How to structure a successful event

PowerPoint tips

Section 3: Making an impact

Memorable storytelling

Using video

The power of images

Section 4: Digital collaboration

Leadership blogs

Getting the tone right


Conference calls

Communicating with social technology


 To become a member of the simplynetwork and have access to toolkits and reports like these just apply for membership and we will develop a package that suits you and your organisation.