Google adds AI to find your most important files

Google has added a new machine learning feature to G Suite

G Suite Drive Priority

Google has added a new page in Google Drive’s left-hand navigation panel that helps users find and take action on the right Drive files at the right time. This Priority page uses machine learning to suggest files that might need to work on and has “workspaces” to help users organise their files.

The new feature named Priority aims to put the user’s most important files in one place. Using machine learning to identify the files that are high-priority. When a user opens the page, they’ll see those files, along with comments and suggested actions. They’ll be able to reply to some comments directly through the Drive interface and open full documents with one click. The feature aims to increase productivity by reducing the time spent searching for content.

In a recent company blog update, a Google spokesperson writes

“The Priority page also organizes files into workspaces. These let you gather a private set of working files for ongoing easy access. Adding files to a workspace doesn’t affect their storage location or permissions—it just aggregates files to help you find them faster. Our studies show most users only work with around 10–20 files at any given time. Workspaces help make sure you can get to those files more efficiently. To build your workspace, you can use Drive’s intelligent file suggestions or add files manually.

With the Priority page, Drive is helping you save time and focus on what matters by intelligently surfacing and organizing the files you may need in any given moment.”

Priority in Drive is launching initially in beta. Admins can see more details, review the eligibility requirements, and apply for their domains to join at this link.