Google adds security features for G Suite customers

G Suite Security

Google has introduced a new security dashboard for customers of its G Suite productivity software, providing G Suite admins with a number of metrics about how their organisations are doing when it comes to security.

Google wants to make it easy for admins to manage an organisation’s data security. A big part of this is making sure users can access a bird’s eye view of the company’s security and take action based on timely insights.

Below if what the update includes – from an announcement on the Google blog:

1. See a snapshot of important security metrics in one place.

Get insights into suspicious device activity, visibility into how spam and malware are targeting users within your organization and metrics to demonstrate security effectiveness—all in a unified dashboard.

2. Stay ahead of potential threats.

Admins can now examine security analytics to flag threats. For example, your team can have visibility into which users are being targeted by phishing so that you can head off potential attacks, or when Google Drive files trigger DLP rules, you have a heads up to avoid risking data exfiltration.

3. Reduce risk by adopting security health recommendations.

Security health analyzes your existing security posture and gives you customized advice to secure your users and data. These recommendations cover issues ranging from how your data is stored, to how your files are shared, as well as recommendations on mobility and communication