Google introduces Currents – its enterprise replacement for Google+

google currents

Earlier this month, Google unveiled its new offering for G Suite users called Currents. The new app, currently in BETA test, will replace Google+ for business users and is aimed at helping “people to have meaningful discussions and interactions across your organisation”.

Any G Suite company can now request access to the BETA programme, and all pre-existing Google+ posts (on G Suite accounts only) will automatically be transferred over to the new platform.

While Currents may seem somewhat familiar to most users, in addition to its new look and feel, the social network has been streamlined to make it faster to post and tag content. In addition, posts from senior executives and key stakeholders within the business can also now be given priority in the news feed, helping ensure employees are kept in the know. The new feature could also provide leaders the opportunity to connect with people across the business, especially in larger organisations where some senior management may be geographically displaced from other offices or divisions.