Google launches chatbot building tool for the enterprise

google dialogflow

Google has announced the beta launch of its enterprise edition of Dialogflow, its tool for building chatbots and other conversational applications.

google chatbot dialogflow

Dialogflow (formerly API.AI) was created to help developers build conversational apps that provide a richer and more natural experience for users. offering engaging, personal interactions.

Google’s beta release of Dialogflow Enterprise Edition aims to give greater flexibility and support to meet the needs of large-scale businesses.

In a recent blog post the company said:

“We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of developers use Dialogflow to create conversational apps for customer service, commerce, productivity, IoT devices and more. Developers have consistently asked us to add enterprise capabilities, which is why today we’re announcing the beta release of Dialogflow Enterprise Edition.

Here’s a little more on what Dialogflow offers:

  • Conversational interaction powered by machine learning: Dialogflow uses natural language processing to build conversational experiences faster and iterate more quickly. Provide a few examples of what a user might say and Dialogflow will build a unique model that can learn what actions to trigger and what data to extract so it provides the most relevant and precise responses to your users.
  • Build once and deploy everywhere: Use Dialogflow to build a conversational app and deploy it on your website, your app or 32 different platforms, including the Google Assistant and other popular messaging services. Dialogflow also supports multiple languages and multilingual experiences so you can reach users around the world.
  • Advanced fulfillment options: Fulfillment defines the corresponding action in response to whatever a user says, such as processing an order for a pizza or triggering the right answer to your user’s question. Dialogflow allows you to connect to any webhook for fulfillment whether it’s hosted in the public cloud or on-premises. Dialogflow’s integrated code editor allows you to code, test and implement these actions directly within Dialogflow’s console.
  • Voice control with speech recognition: Starting today, Dialogflow enables your conversational app to respond to voice commands or voice conversations. It’s available within a single API call, combining speech recognition with natural language understanding.

Read more in a recent announcement on the Google blog.