Google tests new tools and could bring Google Assistant to G Suite


Last month, Google introduced a number of new tools to G Suite, among which included a long-awaited integration with its Google Assistant – currently available in beta.

The new integration means that G Suite users – those lucky enough to be part of the beta test, anyway – can now have Google Assistant perform menial tasks, such as reading out their calendar schedule; creating, cancelling and rescheduling calendar events; sending emails to attendees of a meeting; and, even, joining calls.

In addition to bringing its Assistant to G Suite, Google is also looking to enhance its autocorrect features, in the form of Smart Compose for Docs – a pre-existing feature in Gmail – which is also now in beta.

If released, the new feature will autocomplete words or phrases according to what it thinks the user might want to type, based on low-level AI. Currently, Docs does not autocorrect spelling unless users specifically add a common error to a list.

The tool will use neural network processing for grammar-checking, spelling autocorrect driven by Google Search, and spelling suggestions tailored by words used in the user’s organisation – including commonly used acronyms that may be part of a company’s internal lingo.

Commenting on the development, David Thacker, Google vice president of product and design for G Suite, told The Register: “We have safeguards and rules in place so that smart compose will not suggest things that it should not be suggesting, that may be inappropriate.

“For smart Compose in Docs, we specifically do that for the business use case. In Gmail it was intended for the consumer use case. We will continue to get feedback from customers. It’s a very complicated problem. That’s why nobody’s done it yet.”