Guild launches free report: Mastering Messaging in the Workplace


Guild have partnered with London Research to launch a free 50 page report on ‘Mastering Messaging in the Workplace – How to Communicate with Messaging at Work’. The report is based on a selection of interviews with experts in internal communications, digital transformation and corporate governance.

Digital messaging has grown fast in the workplace, but do we know enough about the messaging apps we are using, or how to use them correctly at work? And maybe something that we haven’t thought of, what’s the legality of these apps?

The report is aimed at professionals who use messaging apps and informs them on the opportunities and risks that come with them. Users can learn how to utilise the apps in the best way to stay connected in the workplace. A new communication model is introduced in the report known as the ‘Hierarchy of Messaging’.

Guild’s CEO and founder Ashley Friedlein explained to simply why this report was important to produce, especially in this ever changing landscape.

He said: “Messaging is exploding as a medium in both our personal and professional lives. But, like social media before it, it is very new and we don’t yet know how to manage it properly in the workplace. When, and why, should we use which communications medium? The use of consumer messaging apps, like WhatsApp, is common, but also illegal. This report highlights the opportunities and risks with professional messaging and proposes a new model for how to communicate at work.”

Read our full article with Guild about their report here.