How to benchmark your Intranet in an hour

Kurt at smilelondon

Do you want to know how your intranet stacks up against other sites from companies in your sector? Well now you can. In association with IntraTeam, simplycommunicate is offering a fast but powerful survey about intranet and digital workplaces.

IntraTeam has been conducting surveys about intranets and now digital workplaces since  2000. They benchmarked the first intranet in 2005 when they awarded the first IntranetPrize to Jyske Bank in Denmark. Now the survey is Europe wide with more than 150 companies taking part. There is no deadline, so you can participate and benchmark your intranet/digital workplace whenever it suits you.

Why benchmark?

  • You want to prove to management how good they are on internal digitalization (or not)
  • You need a baseline for your new intranet/digital workplace
  • You want to be inspired to improve your intranet/digital workplace and want to know where the low hanging fruits are

What you can measure

  • What are the main purposes for intranets/digital workplaces and have they changed over the years?
  • Which systems are used for intranet/digital workplaces?
  • Which departments own the intranet/digital workplace?
  • Is personalisation working?
  • Is Office 365 a succes?

Participants in the survey answer almost 200 questions about their intranet/digital workplace. They receive an overall score and a spider web analysis that compares them with the best in each category:

simplycommunicate and IntraTeam offer tailormade surveys about intranets/digital workplaces for your industry. At the moment we can deliver:

Manufacturing (16), Consulting (9), Financial (11), Education (8), Other governmental (8), Municipalities (47), Construction (3) and Nonprofit (5) Energy (2), Engineering (2), BioTech (1), Healthcare (3), IT (4), Logistics (4), Trading (2), Pharmaceuticals (2), Retail (1), Trade union (2), Transport public (2)

We can also give you the answers for international organisations (63), organisations with more than 5,000 employees (52) or something else that suits your needs.

As well as the report we will run a workshop with your internal comms team to look at the results and suggest ways to improve any gaps. For more details about the Benchmarking tool contact Ella.

Among the over 150 participating organisations are:

Confederation of Danish Industry, HELLENIC PETROLEUM SA, Volvo Group, Sarpsborg commune, Siemens, Saint Gobain, UNOPS, Vestas Wind Systems A/S, UNICEF PFP, BESTSELLER, Haldex, Tetra Pak, Swisscom, Lindab, Grundfos, Virgin Trains (West Coast), Nordea Bank, Save the Children International, Amec Foster Wheeler, City of Malmö, Central Norway Regional Health Authority, Nets, Danish Refugee Council, Arla Foods, DONG Energy, Nykredit, Copenhagen Municipality. Technical and Environmental Department, COWI, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, NNE Pharmaplan, PANDORA, Jyske Bank, Danske Bank, Roskilde Municipality, City of Aarhus and VELUX Group.

“The IntraTeam Self-Assessment Benchmark has a lot of very valuable and detailed questions. The assessment result gives you an insight into how your organization exploits the potential of a Digital Workplace.”

Thomas Maeder, Senior Digital Experience Manager, Swisscom

by Kurt Kragh Sørensen

Kurt Kragh Sørensen is the CEO and intranet/digital workplace consultant at IntraTeam. Kurt Kragh Sørensen heads the largest intranet/digital workplace membership organisation about intranet and digital workplaces in Scandinavia, and has offered consultancy services, workshops and lectures on intranets, knowledge sharing and communication on the Web since 2000.