How to break open the Ideas box in your company


When Will Read was a data analyst at Sky he used to get very frustrated:

“I just felt that I was completely unimportant in the organisation.  I could see things that could be improved and I would feed my ideas upwards. But there really was no point – no one appeared to be listening.”

It was an informative experience.  Some 5 years later, Will runs Sideways6 a software company that specialises in the communication of ideas using systems based on Microsoft’s O365 technology – and in particular Yammer.

Yammer gets a bad press these days – but in tightly defined applications it can be extremely effective. Sideways6 has worked for a while with British Gas to turn Yammer into a powerful ideas generation tool that is saving the company literally millions in improved processes.

To demonstrate that the problem of listening is just not confined to his past experiences, Will commissioned research on a report called the 2018 State of Employee Ideas. It’s the world’s biggest ever survey on employee ideas and whether companies listen.

After polling 150 large companies the report authors discovered that 4 out of 5 employees do have ideas to improve the running of their company, but a third feel that their ideas are not listened to and over half claim their company fails to implement the good ideas that bubble up from the workforce.

Find out more and download the report here.