Is internal comms failing to reach seasonal and temporary employees?

engage temporary workers

A new study conducted by Speakap, entitled ‘Seasonal workers: the hidden fuel of the gig economy’, has suggested that companies being slow to adapt to the growth in employment of seasonal and freelance workers, and the temporary nature of the job, has led to this group feeling excluded from the company dialogue.

Commenting on this finding, Erwin Van Der Vlist, Co-Founder and CEO of Speakap, said: “Many companies still see gig workers as temporary employees, failing to future-proof their organisation by ensuring this growing workforce is engaged with the company, feels valued within the workforce and is thus more productive than workers of their competitors.

“By focusing only on engaging with contracted employees, companies are proving that they don’t understand the growth of the gig economy or the impact of company dialogue on employee engagement, retention, and productivity.”

The study, which surveyed 500 HR, management and operations professionals in mid and top management in large organisations (500+) in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, also found:

  • That older seasonal/gig workers indicated that they are less engaged than younger workers and felt that, despite this discrepancy, ‘nothing’ is most often done to engage older groups
  • That organisations with many seasonal/gig employees treat them less personally than organisations with few
  • That there is a lack of clarity within organisations as to how seasonal/gig workers are performing, indicating that this significant workforce is not optimised to its full potential
  • And that easy-to-access internal communications can still be hard to access, as many seasonal/gig workers find the many forms of company communications (email, intranet, chat, bulletin boards, etc.) confusing when trying to locate specific information. This can be especially true when workers don’t have access to a company laptop or phone.

The Speakap Co-Founder, added: “While the study’s findings clearly indicate that companies have not been updating their internal processes to accommodate the growth of the gig economy, there are relatively easy ways to improve. Technology, particularly employee communications platforms like Speakap, can be a vital tool in helping to make employees feel connected to both the wider company and fellow colleagues across the entire organisation.”

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