Are individual wellbeing assessments the future of staff surveys?

workplace wellbeing

With employee wellbeing in the workplace ranking high on 61% of senior leaders’ agendas, it’s more important than ever for managers, HR professionals and IC specialists to be able to effectively track and report on the mood within their teams.

However, the traditional method of doing this – employee engagements surveys – often
don’t give an accurate reflection of what’s going on within an organisation, due to low
engagement rates (around 30-40%).

The information gathered can also quickly become outdated and often doesn’t lead to any
tangible, lasting change. This, in turn, becomes a vicious cycle as year-after-year it
disengages employees even more.

Enter, Wellonomics – an online assessment tool, developed by management consultancy
Grasp The Nettle, which aims to monitor and support wellbeing in the workplace by
enabling employers to carry out individual wellbeing assessments online. While individual responses are confidential, and can only be viewed by the participant, the
organisation’s overall results are aggregated to give employers a valuable insight into how
their teams are feeling, in real time.

Commenting on the results of the product, Victoria Sylvester, director of Acacia Training,
said: “We’ve had a 100 per cent employee engagement rate and we’ve already
implemented changes. For example, staff told us that they were checking emails late at
night, so we’ve now put measures in place where we have a cut-off point for sending

“We learned that some teams were feeling out of the loop on communications, so we set up a chat group to keep people informed. They’re only small changes but they’re making a big difference.”

The impact of Wellonomics on Acacia Training’s workforce has been so positive that the
company has now formed an alliance with Grasp the Nettle to roll Wellonomics out
nationwide, with Acacia Training providing wellbeing modules and support linked to the

Peter Yates-Round, Co-Founder of Grasp the Nettle, added: “We are incredibly excited
about our alliance with Acacia Training and our future plans to work together to lower staff
attrition, increase productivity and create a happy and engaged UK workforce.

“Wellonomics is unique in that it protects employee confidentiality and provides leaders
with up-to-the-minute feedback on how their teams are feeling. We were delighted to see
how well it has been received at Acacia Training and now we’re looking forward to
introducing it to business leaders in all sectors so that they – and their employees – can