Information Overload Webinar


For this year’s “Information Overload Day” on October 15th, the Information Overload Research Group sponsored an online Webinar featuring speakers that focused on the specialized topics of “Beyond Email – The Next Generation of Solutions”.

Topics and Presenters:

  • Welcome – Nathan Zeldes, President IORG and Founder of Nathan Zeldes Consulting
  • Introduction – Jonathan Spira, Vice President IORG and Director of Accura Media
  • Solutions Beyond Email (15mins in)
    • Marc Wright, founder of simply-communicate, chaired a panel of technology experts who explore solutions beyond email.
    • Participating in the panel are Nicole Alvino of SocialChorus; Larraine Solomon Global Vice President at, and Martyn Perks, a strategic adviser on enterprise social networks.
  • Collaborative Team Tools – Marc Powell, managing director of Emailogic Ltd. shares insight on how we can embed new collaborative tools in our teams that will help us achieve our goals beyond what email permits.
  • Using Microsoft OneNote to Reduce IO – Dr. Monica Seeley, founder of Mesmo Consultancy, discusses the benefits of Microsoft OneNote over conventional email and how it helps reduce information overload.