Internal Communicators most likely to invest in Social Intranets & ESNs

Internal Comms professionals most likely to invest in social intranets and ESNs

Social Intranets and Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) are the channels most likely to be invested in by Internal Comms professionals according to a new report.

The yearly report surveyed 100 internal communications professionals in order to discover which channels they see as the most valuable, both traditional and digital internal comms channels.

The survey by communications agency Hollinger Scott found a number of interesting results. The findings show that internal communicators still see the importance of both traditional channels such as team meetings as well as digital channels such as intranets and company apps.

Intranets more important than email

Intranets are seen as more important channels than emails, however, team meetings are seen as the top channel. Social Intranets and ESNs came 7th in this category, behind Posters & Banners, Video Platforms, and Display Screens.

Traditional internal comms still important

Face to face meetings are seen as the most useful channel of internal communications, followed by email and then intranet, with email scoring very slightly higher than intranets.

Internal comms budgets have mostly stayed the same, with 62% of respondents saying they had not changed. Almost a quarter (24%) said their budget had decrease and just 14% said their budget had increased compared to 2016.

Social Intranets and Company Apps most likely to be invested in

Social Intranets and ESNs were the internal comms channel most likely to be invested in, showing that internal communicators realise the importance internal social media in the digital workplace. Company App’s came in second place and Intranets in third place, followed by Email Newsletters, Video and Team Meetings.

Budget and time are key challenges

Finally, Internal Comms professionals were asked what the biggest challenges to communications were. They stated that budget, time, employee engagement and technology constraints were the key issues. Other issues included communicating with remote workers, communicating with offline workers, creating suitable content for a diverse workforce and leadership not engaging with corporate values.

See an infographic of the Hollinger Scott report here.

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