Invotra Is Named as the Top Ranked Intranet Provider for the NHS London Procurement Partnership on the IM&T Framework


The NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP) recently launched their framework for public sector organisations, in which Invotra has ranked top in the category for intranet suppliers.

NHS LPP is a non-profit membership organisation within the NHS which provides business expertise to support hospitals, ambulance services and other health care providers to spend the resources allocated by government effectively and efficiently. They are a trusted business advisor to NHS organisations across London for everything they buy or spend money on: from doctors, nurses and other staff to patient transport; from medicines to buildings; from equipment to waste services.

As members, organisations can take advantage of NHS LPP’s framework by using it to procure services from its list of pre-approved suppliers.

Invotra, an enterprise intranet and portal provider, was recently announced as one of the UK’s Top 70 most ambitious high-growth technology companies*. Based in Surrey, Invotra leads the way in digital communications for the public sector, supplying services to over 47% of UK civil servants and multiple local authorities.

Paul Zimmerman, Chief Operating Officer, Invotra Ltd said: “Invotra is thrilled to have been named as the top intranet supplier for the NHS London Procurement Partnership. We look forward to supporting the NHS and other public sector organisations with their never-ending efforts and hard work towards transforming public services.”