IoIC release findings to Covid-19 survey


From a survey of nearly 500 internal communicators, the Institute of Internal Communications (IoIC) have published the results on how they are communicating with their employees and what the future of IC is during Covid-19.

The survey brought about surprising but positive results with the subject of trust winning most of the glory. Over 75% of respondents thought that the virus had positively impacted trust in leaders and communication. The survey also revealed communicators felt their role in IC had been impacted with 66% citing that leaders were looking to them for guidance and 71% felt their workload had increased to capacity. However, only 49% felt communications had improved with their employees.

The research uncovered challenges the internal communications community is facing. The most significant challenge was ‘cutting through communication noise’ when it came to communicating Coronavirus. Mental well-being was also highlighted as a concern as members juggle an increased workload whilst juggling home life and questions over how the increased workload for many will be managed.

Overall, there is no doubt how this crisis has highlighted the importance of the internal communications community and the role we play. Indeed, during one conversation we had with a global head of engagement for a large bank we were told ‘communications is now a bigger priority than business operations.’ What remains to be seen is the real impact on this for those working in the sector as businesses evolve over the coming months.

You can read the full survey findings here.