Jive to be acquired by Aurea for $462 million

Jive World

Community collaboration software company, Jive, has announced it is to be acquired by ESW Capital’s Wave Systems for $462 million. It will become part of the Aurea family of companies.

Aurea plan to integrate Jive into its customer experience management platform – giving Aurea a tool for creating internal and customer facing communities, a key piece in today’s customer service environment. It will also gain access to Jive’s customer base, including T-Mobile, McAfee and EMC.

Scott Brighton, CEO of Aurea, sees the community component strengthening the overall platform. “Jive, in combination with Aurea, enables us to bring customer experience and employee and customer engagement together,” he said in a statement.

Ron Miller author at TechCrunch said “Perhaps it was inevitable that Jive, one of the last of that original wave of companies standing, would be sold. It’s actually a good match on its face — the best deal Jive shareholders could hope for at this point, while giving Aurea a solid tool community and collaboration for its platform.”

In article by Dom Nicastro for CMS Wire, Dion Hinchcliffe, digital workplace strategist and Chief Strategy Officer for 7Summits, a Jive partner said “The core issue is whether the acquiring firm will be good steward for a unique company like Jive, an innovator that blazed the trail for the social collaboration industry, but has been struggling in recent years in a crowded industry,”

Fending off “newly resurgent” players like Microsoft, he added, requires real investment.

“If Aurea is prepared to do that, it may go well,” he said. “Otherwise the risk is that the new firm’s DNA won’t inherently allow them understand why Jive is an important company in the space, and risks damaging what makes them special.”