Just Eat Provides New Internal Platform To Engage Employees

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Just Eat operates a leading global marketplace for online food delivery, connecting more than 22 million customers with over 87,500 restaurants in 12 markets around the world. Founded in 2001, Just Eat has grown rapidly – from 12 people in a Danish basement, they now employ more than 2,900 people globally.

This rapid growth had led to Just Eat’s internal comms approach being fragmented across markets with the company’s knowledge base spread out over hundreds of separate sites and pages – making it difficult for employees to find relevant information.

Just Eat is passionate about supporting its growing teams – giving them the tools, the knowledge and the support they need to innovate rapidly, so developing an internal communications platform that could efficiently bring together information and engage its global community was incredibly important.

Just Eat team

Critical to this was finding a solution that would offer easy design customisation, whilst delivering an intuitive user experience: a platform that would be easy to implement and simple for teams to adopt.

Powered by LumApps, their new internal hub – ‘The Kitchen’ – keeps everyone connected and aims to build corporate culture, while acting as a bridge between different teams and locations.

Mark Tittle
Mark Tittle, Just Eat

After the set-up by Netpremacy, Just Eat launched the platform inside of six weeks. A select team of contributors was ready to use the platform in just one hour.

Although it’s still early days, the initial results are promising. Employees have been engaging with news and other content regularly, with a four-fold increase in hit rates over the previous platform, a reduction in the number of emails being sent internally and lots of likes and comments.

All office and field-based employees now have access to The Kitchen, with fun, informative and interactive content to drive visits, such as daily polls, videos and targeted information. It’s all about helping Just Eaters stay in-the-know with the latest news and updates, access the tools they need to do their jobs, and start conversations and make connections with colleagues across the world. All of which helps Just Eat get closer towards its vision of creating the world’s greatest food community.

Attend LumApps’ workshop at smileexpo to hear more about the project from Mark Tittle, Internal Communications Manager for Just Eat – see the event site and buy ‘2 for 1’ tickets here.