Keeping you safe at simplySUMMIT and simply EXP

simplycommunicate is hosting one of its flagship eventssimplySUMMIT, on 15 November 2021, followed by simplyEXPnew to the calendarthe following day on 16 November. These are both taking place at St Paul’s, Barbican, London.  

simplySUMMIT will focus on themes such as diversity, equity and inclusion, the role of technology in hybrid working, and include case studies such as rolling out an office first comms programme to over 200,000 people at Wells Fargo. simplyEXP dives into the tech platforms that enable communication in your business, with discussions around the power of a content engine by platinum sponsors Firstup, and how Virgin Media and O2 managed to merge in the middle of the pandemic. You can read more about some of the speakers and topics here. 

Keeping you safe  

It is very likely that this could be the first event you have attended, or are thinking about attending, since the outbreak of the pandemic. As much as you want to come, you may have concerns about people meeting in crowded spaces, and want to know more about how we will ensure your safety. This is completely normal. Here is our advice to those thinking of attending.  

Our requests  

We ask that you respect each other’s boundaries. While many people may feel comfortable shaking hands and being within close proximity to one another, it is important to understand that not everyone may feel at ease doing this. 

Colour coded wristbands: To help with this, at the event we will be providing wristbands. If you are happy to shake hands or hug with others you can wear a green wristband. Those who choose a yellow wristband are comfortable with an elbow bump, and those who wear red do not want any physical contact. Please respect each other’s wishes.

Furthermore, wear a mask if you want to, and raise any concerns you might have at the event either with employees at the venue or with a member of the simplycommunicate team.  

Here is what to expect at the venue 

  • Science-led cleaning: the event venue is working with leading cleaning specialists Cleanology and venues are audited by Navitas, so you know that while the discussions and topics won’t be sterile, the venue will be.  
  • Trained teams: the team at St Paul’s have been fully trained on updated hygiene measures and will be wearing PPE.  
  • Plenty of room: we want you to be able to move around freely and easily. This should mean if you would like to sit a certain distance away from people during the event at any time you can do so. We have chosen the venue with safety in mind, and you will have space to avoid crowds. 
  • You can read what the venue is doing to keep you safe here. 

What else can you do 

  • While it is not mandatory, we recommend you take a lateral flow test the night before or the same morning as the event. This is as much for your peace of mind as anything else. It goes without saying that if you return a positive result, please do not attend, and let us know.  
  • Regularly sanitise your hands: you can tell we are in a brave new world when the first port of call is the sanitising station, but do keep remembering so everyone can have a safe experience. You will also be given hand sanitiser as part of your welcome bag.  
  • Enjoy yourself in a safe environment: we don’t get out and about as much as we used to, and our ways or working (and indeed attending events) have adapted, so we hope all of you enjoy your time at simplySUMMIT and simplyEXP.  

You can see a list of the speakers and a fuller agenda, as well as book your tickets to both events, here. 

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Marc Wright simplycommunicate founder & consultant Marc started his career in television. He wrote and produced the drama 20 Steps to Better Business for the BBC, and his passion for the way organisations work led him to run a series of agencies including Crown and MCA which was sold to WPP in 2001. He is author of the Gower Handbook of Internal Communications and is a former President of IABC EMENA. He founded simplycommunicate in 2005.

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