Knowledge Plaza changes name to become Elium


Knowledge Plaza, the web and mobile platform dedicated to Social Knowledge Management, announced earlier this week that the company will begin operating under a new trade name and will now be known as Elium.

Founded in 2008, the company initially focussed on social knowledge management and targeted professions which made intensive use of Knowledge Management. The new name aims to reflect a more connected digital workplace where information management and knowledge sharing are now part of employees daily tasks.

“We were positioned in a niche market. With each new released version of our platform we simplified, we became more user centric and the applications became more diverse. A new name, with a larger spectrum was in line with this evolution. We wanted to move away from a descriptive brand to a more neutral, open and inspiring brand. This new name has a strong energy, fitting with our progress. It inspires us and opens to wider horizons. ” Antoine Perdaens, CEO, Elium. ” Antoine Perdaens, CEO, Elium.

The name-change coincides with Elium’s Knowledge Tour which took place in London and Paris. The tour brought together thought leaders and professionals to open up the dialogue about Knowledge and Experience. For those who couldn’t make it, there was a live-stream available on the day via YouTube.

Simply’s Marc Wright joined the panel to discuss digital engagement on internal platforms.