Less than half of organisations have an employee engagement strategy

Findings from a new report by People Lab reveals how organisations are approaching employee engagement.


The report by People Lab helps to shine a light on the employee engagement profession and gain an understanding as to why there is a gap between the increased focus on this area but subsequent lack of performance. A total of 75 organisations took part in the research across a variety of sectors, industries, sizes and locations.

Below are some of the key findings from the report:


44% responsible for employee engagement had ‘Internal Communications’ in their job title, 22% had ‘HR’, 22% had ‘Employee Engagement’ and 13% had other titles.

Time spent

38% of organisations had been focusing on engagement for more than 5 years, 29% said 2-5 years, 19% said less than 1 year and 14% said 1-2 years.

Engagement Strategy

Less than half (45%) of the organisations surveyed had an employee engagement strategy. 38% did not have an employee engagement strategy and the other 17% were unsure.

Defining Engagement

When asked if their company had a definition for engagement, only a quarter did, with only 14% saying that their definition was well understood. 33% said it was somewhat understood, 16% said it was misunderstood. 37% said they just didn’t know

Demonstrating ROI

When asked about Return On Investment (ROI) over half (59%) of respondents said that there is no demand to do this within an organisations. The other 41% said there is a demand to demonstrate ROI from engagement activities.

Employee Engagement Goals

There were clear goals for employee engagement starting with Improved performance of which 71% cited this as their main outcome. Other top outcomes included improved employee retention (68%), improved internal communication (68%), attract the best employees (63%), Increases in efficiency (61%)  and more innovation (59%).

Future priorities

The survey asked respondents what they are planning to focus on in the coming months. Priorities included:

Budget allocation

Over a quarter of organisations say that they have no budget for employee  engagement, and a further 21% say they have less than £10,000.

Read the full report by People Lab

People Lab aim to run this research annually in order to build a coherent picture of best practice employee engagement around the globe.