Let’s Talk COVID: Live virtual meetup – 16th March 2020


As doors close around the world we are opening ours


Every week since the crisis broke we have been holding a one hour meet-up with our simplynetwork members about how they are responding to the challenges of the Coronavirus outbreak inside their own organisations. This week we are focusing on the rapid deployment of MS Teams.

Last week we swapped expert advice on how to create a Coronavirus bot; how to turn your face to face meetings into engaging online events, and generally shared some of the pain and inspiration thrown up by these exceptional times. 

The meetings are for our 300 simplynetwork members, but we want to open the next one to all our readers whether you are a member or not. Everyone working in internal communications is facing challenges unprecedented in our careers. So the more we can share problems, experiences and solutions the better it will be for all of us, for our teams and for the health and prosperity of all those we have a responsibility for. 

Contact us now for an invite into the simplynetwork Teams meeting: Wednesday 18th March 12:00 – 1:00 pm UK time.